No Fees

During the initial launch, up until at least the 31st December the pool fee will remain at 0%! This will help us with an early growth to be competitive. After this period, we will ensure to have among the lowest fees of any other comparative pool.


Secure servers in northern Europe. By choosing Chiamine, you are assured no information is ever shared outside this pool. This mean we will never ask for your keys or other information other than what is absolutely necessary for the pool to work.


You will automatically be informed by our notification system when you have won Chia. You will also have full control and view over your total plot, connections, etc.


Stable servers in northern Europe with built in scalability for continuous growth. We are fast, secure, and reliable.

Plotting Cloud Plotting Cloud - Our plotting partner

Fast and reliable plotting service. First plot is free and trough our partnership you get a 30% discount and 5 free plots when ordering 100 plots!

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