News and updates

Thursday 8th July


It took longer than expected, but we are finally there! Deciding to wait for the official protocol was an easy decision to make for security reasons, which we hope all of you understand. And now the wait is finally over!

How do I join?

It’s actually extremely easy to join us. Just follow these steps and you will be farming with Chiamine in no time!


Thursday 1st July

Pooling Protocol Testing Entering Phase 2

Shortened text from The Chia Network
“Today we are entering the second phase of our testing and roll out of the official pooling protocol. Pool operators and those curious about how the pooling protocol works can find the reference pool operating code in the pool-reference GitHub repository. The correct branch for testing is pools.testnet9. Our original plan projected that we would leave three days for pool operators to test this pre-release version. However, with the holiday weekend in the United States, we expect that a full release of what will be version 1.2.0 of Chia will happen during the week of July 5 at the soonest.
There is still an up to 25% chance that we will have to make breaking changes to the plot NFT that would require replotting any portable pooling plot made with the current pre-release. We strongly advise farmers to wait for the actual 1.2.0 release before plotting any plots they intend to keep. Portable pooling plots made on testnet will not work on mainnet as a particular plot NFT is tied to the network it is created on.”


Even though they have released it for testing on Mainnet, we at Chiamine has decided not to launch until the pool protocol has been fully released. We do this out of security reasons since it’s still under testing. There is also a high chance plots created now still will not work on the proper release. 


Monday 28th June

Testing going great!

We know you would love to get even better news about when the pool will go live. The Chia Network is working hard on it.

On a positive note – all our testing has progressed without any unexpected bugs, and we have indications that Testnet is soon to be moved to the next phase. This mean we are close to reaching a public go-live on Mainnet!

Our hope is to go live within 24 hours of the new protocol being released, and it all points at the right direction.

It’s fantastic to see how our community is growing and we thoroughly enjoy all the discussions on Discord. We can’t wait to go live and continue this exciting journey with you all.

Friday 11th June

Testing is underway!

We are happy to announce that the testing phase has progressed well.

If you want to help us during this time, you are more than welcome to jump into Testnet with us.

To do so, check our how-to-join in our Discord, or read more about it HERE.

We will run testing until the official pool protocol is released, which we have hope will happen later next week. That is, unless unexpected bugs turn out. But we are hopeful!

Our first post on Reddit

Now when testing is underway we have reached a point where we need to show ourselves more.

We have made a Reddit-post, and will start working on paid advertisement on different platforms (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc). Our growth these last weeks have been spectacular.

Our goal here is, obviously, to grow as much as possible before the official pooling protocols are released.

And now we want your help.

Share our website, Reddit-post and Discord everywhere you can. Let’s grow even more together. So far, we have thousands of members, and we couldn’t be more stoked!

Friday 4th June

Finally some offical updates!

The zoom meeting was.. interesting

No date has been announced on the pool protocol, but they showed great progress and we hope they can complete the pool rather quickly.

They are careful about giving hard deadlines, seeing how they couldnt maintain the previous one – which we fully understand.
They showed the GUI and it looks great and fairly easy to understand. And gives farmers a good view over their pool commitments. Chiamine currently have a pool set up on testnet and shortly we will begin testing and will ask if you want to participate in #testnet on our Discord.
Watch their zoom meeting on Youtube. Keep in mind it was meant for Pool Operators, not end users, and might get a bit techincal.

No dates?

Correct. After missing the previous goals for the release of both portable plots and the pool protocol they decided against hard deadlines. And honestly, we don’t blame them. It’s to ask for bugs or other issues if they try to uphold a deadline and release anything without proper testing.
However, this does not mean they wont update us. Instead they are now communicating development “stages”.

For the upcoming release these stages are:

  1. Testnet Launch
  2. Pool Self-Validation
  3. Mainnet Launch

So in short – we need to be a bit more patient. Plotting for pools will have to wait a little while.

The stages

  1. Testnet Launch – Iterative releases to Testnet to allow Chia Devs, Community Devs and Pool Operators to find and fix bugs on the reference code, pooling servers and infrastructure.
  2. Pool Self-Validation – Chia Devs does final testing of pool reference code. Operational testing of integrated pools on testnet by pool operators and intrepid community members.
  3. Mainnet Launch – Pooling launched for public use.

Chia Network ♥ Chiamine?

Almost! At least it feels like it. 

As some of you already know, we are not allowed to use the word “Chia” as the first word in our domain. However, we have recently been in contact with them (their head of IP) and have now come to an agreement where we officially can use both their name and logo in our pool.

How awesome is that?!

For now, though, we will use our own logo to differentiate ourselves from the Chia Network, which we feel is very important. It’s great knowing we are licensed for both the name and logo, however.

Keep in mind, though, this does NOT make us an official Chia pool. There will not be one, ever, due to the idea of total decentralisation.

But its a mark of approval we value.

There will be one change in our name – which will be presented in our next newsletter, on our website and on Discord. Exciting times!

Friday 28th May

-Updates on the pool protocol-


Chia Developers have the date 31st of May for pooling as an estimate. This is basically what we know today – and keep in mind this is just that, an estimate. We hope they’ll manage to keep to it, but we just have to wait and see.

As we stand so far after keeping updated on the developers information on Keybase, they intend to launch the pool protocol on Testnet first. And then there will be a 1-2 week period of testing before reaching Mainnet.

The main reason for this testing period is to make sure that the new portable plots is functional and all bugs gets cleared out, this is to make sure that we wont have to replot again. It’s better to wait and have it work properly than to have issues when everything is live.

June 2nd there will be a Q&A Zoom-meeting with Chia Devs and Pool operators. We will write a summary after this meeting and send out a newsletter about this.

-Pool Progress-

Work continues on the backend part, a lot is changing in the code of the pool prototype so we still have to wait for some parts to be completed before we can update and show you guys more.
We are still confident that we can launch swiftly when it hits Mainnet.

Frontend page is on the way and we hope to be able to present this in the coming days. For now, we have to make do with the landing page we have – which we keep updated and we encourage everyone who can to join us on Discord to get all news even faster. See link below.